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Loans for companies without guarantee, learn more!

For you who are seeing your own business finally meshing and would like to give that extra push for him to take off once and for all, making an unsecured loan can be a great option! Do not worry, because we will explain here everything you need to know before placing an order. Well, then let’s go!

Good planning is halfway through

Good planning is halfway through

First of all, plan your business. Ideally, this task should be performed by an accountant, who can identify both the history, the next steps and the company’s launches with greater ease. However, if you are still starting and the money is short, no problem! Open an excel and put ALL the entrances and exits of your business there. This way, you will be able to better visualize the banking movement during the months.

Then calculate the exact amount that you need to ask the bank or financier to invest in your business. This is very important so that the amount is well applied and the debt can be paid by the company in a well-planned way and as fast as possible!

An organization is the other half

In addition, it is necessary that you, as owner or owner, leave all company documents and accounting updated as well as taxes paid on time. This, so you can prove to the financial institutions to whom asked the credit that is able to pay the installments without delay and pay off the debt made. Keep in mind that when applying for a loan to banks and financial institutions, they will look at your company’s financial transactions to see if they are not at risk of defaulting. So, with the right documentation, the credit application is approved more easily and quickly!

Loan for companies: with or without real guarantees?

It is also important to understand that there are two types of loans for companies: with and without collateral. In the first case, just like loans to individuals , a property, which can be a property or a vehicle, is given as a guarantee of payment to the financial institution, which gives greater reliability to the client. For this reason, in this type of credit line, interest rates are lower and the number of possible installments is higher. The second case, real unsecured loan, however, is ideal for small businesses and beginners, since no good needs to be alienated to the bank or financial, which facilitates the loan application, even if the rates are higher . After all, having a high value asset is an unlikely situation for someone just getting started, is not it? So, with the loan without real collateral, there are no impediments to expanding your business !

Pay attention to interest and fees charged

Pay attention to interest and fees charged

Anyway, after doing all this preparation beforehand, the next step is to find a safe place with affordable interest rates to make the loan . Did you know that, nowadays, it is possible to do the whole process over the internet? It is very simple, because with our partners, for example, you can order online and quote with several banks and financiers at one time, among the options is BizCapital for lending to companies, since grants loans only to individuals.

Caution is never too much

But do not be desperate, because through our partner, you get on the business loan with a value of up to 150 thousand reais, without the need to present real guarantees. What can really help your business. But remember before signing the contract you ALWAYS need to research the company on the internet, on social networks, check the physical address and the website, call the number provided to confirm the existence of the establishment, as well as read the Google reviews and complaint sites, for example. And NEVER make deposits before you have the loan amount deposited into your account! This practice is illegal in Brazil, so stay tuned.


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