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Best loans without collateral – Compiled for the entire 2019!

Best loans without collateral? Here we have tried together to make it so that you can easily compare yourself and find it with the lowest interest rate for you or your family.

What is an unsecured loan?


Secured loans are exactly what it sounds like. That is, a loan you take without putting anything into collateral for the loan. However, the loan is usually more expensive when you take such a loan compared to taking a loan where you leave something in collateral. For example, you can put your home as collateral for a home loan.

Then you put part of your home as collateral and hopefully you get a cheaper loan. This is because the lender has the apartment as collateral and if you cannot pay off your loan then they can simply sell your home. However, it is very uncommon for it to happen, although it does happen sometimes.

It is a Loan without collateral

It is a Loan without collateral

Loans without collateral are a loan where the lender, ie those you borrow money from, has no collateral for your loan except that they do a credit check on you to see that you can repay the loan. This page serves as a collection page for everything we write about just borrowing money without security.

So if you are thinking about borrowing money with a loan without collateral, we think you should read this first. Here are the 3 private loans / blanc loans that most of our visitors have chosen to borrow money from after reading one of our guides on unsecured loans. If you want an extended version of this leaderboard, you should go to this week’s GREAT leaderboard where you can also read reviews, ratings and reviews among other things.

Compare loans without collateral


Do you compare private loans and bank loans? Both me and no. We, together with our visitors, compare unsecured loans (private loans / bank loans) through a few different steps. We have collected loans without collateral where you as a visitor can read and submit reviews and ratings.

Then on the editorial board we have written a review on each loan to give an extra clear picture of your options if you are looking to borrow money with a loan without collateral. Then we sort the loans by which loans our visitors usually choose to borrow money from. We have been following the loan industry every day since its inception in 2010 and are continuously building on our guides on private loans (also known as “blanc loans”).

Low interest rate loan with no collateral?

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve and we are trying to do with our visitors. What we do is take all loans that are just private loans and collect data for them. There among other reviews and ratings from your visitors. As at the time of writing, there were over 500,000 pieces. If you want to take out a loan without collateral, we hope you can help with this guide to find the right one for yourself. And that is our goal. That you should be able to get hold of your own finances and know so much about it that you can find the lowest interest rate yourself.

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