Banks and loans without paychecks


Loans without paychecks are intended for those who do not have a fixed salary. However, this does not mean presenting yourself in the bank without any kind of alternative guarantee. The personal loan without paycheck regards small amounts (5 thousand euro maximum): banks tend not to expose themselves too much when a regular salary is lacking.

Getting a loan without guarantees is impossible. What to do, then? If the paycheck is missing, it is necessary to provide alternative guarantees. The argument also applies to bad payers and protestors. The higher the risk of obtaining a repayment, the greater the caution of the banks to grant the requested amount.

Loans without paychecks: who do they turn to?

Loans without paychecks: who do they turn to?

Loans without paychecks are aimed at various categories: housewives, unemployed, students, non-regular workers, self-employed workers, young entrepreneurs, workers with a paycheck already engaged by other loans that commit between 35 and 50 percent of the salary.

Loans without paychecks: requests from banks

If the paycheck is missing as a guarantee to apply for a loan, then you will need to find alternative guarantees that give the certainty to the bank to repay the debt.

Loans without a paycheck with guarantor

Loans without a paycheck with guarantor

A guarantor is the person who undertakes to repay installments when the principal debtor is no longer able to do so. This subject, provided it is considered credible, must have a good credit rating. Furthermore, it must not have been reported to the Crif as a bad payer. The presence of a guarantor does not oblige the bank to provide the loan.

Loans without payroll changed

Loans without payroll changed

In the absence of a guarantee, a loan without a pay slip can be granted. This form of financing provides for the payment of installments by means of bills. This is an enforceable title that establishes, in the event of non-payment of even one installment, the attachment of assets by the bank for a value equal to that of the unpaid installment . It is not necessary to pursue a sentence or an injunction for payment. Modified loans are not easily granted by banks and financial institutions. They are also often considered uneconomic for the very high annual rate (Taeg) for interest.

Loans without a paycheck and with a mortgage on the house

Loans without a paycheck and with a mortgage on the house

Also for loans, as for mortgages, it is possible to ask for a mortgage to be registered on the house . This is a solution that is adopted in the absence of a demonstrable income. The mortgage on a property apartment allows you to get the financing you need. Usually this form of loan is requested in the case of an amount of a certain amount. If you are over 65, you can get a lifetime mortgage loan . What does it mean? You can turn your property home into liquidity. On the death of the applicant the heirs will be able to choose whether to settle the debt and keep the apartment or whether to sell it to return the sum paid to the bank.

Loans without paychecks with pledges as collateral

Loans without paychecks with pledges as collateral

Those who possess valuable assets, jewels and valuables can use them as collateral for the loan without a paycheck. Paid credit is the best solution for those who do not have an income but urgently need money.

Loans without paychecks for self-employed workers

A self-employed worker, therefore without a paycheck, can still contact a bank to obtain a loan . The bank or financial institution may grant the requested amount on the basis of the declaration of the Single Model (ordinary income tax return). If you are able to show you have regular income, in the absence of a paycheck, the bank will have no problems accepting the request for funding.

Loans without paychecks and alternative annuities

Those who do not hold a paycheck but are entitled to a pension, have good chances to obtain liquidity. Let’s take the example of an unemployed and divorced woman who receives a monthly maintenance allowance from her ex-husband. It is also the case of those who rent a house owned by third parties or those who have a constant return thanks to a capital but prefer to apply for a loan instead of releasing it.

In the event of an annuity, the bank agrees to pay a loan without a paycheck if the applicant proves to be the holder of the annuity for the entire period of the loan.

Loans without paychecks: interest rates

Personal loans without paychecks are not considered convenient because the greater the risk of the bank, the higher the rate of financing. However, this is a solution adopted in case of need. Usually these types of loans have high interest rates with a Taeg of 12%.

Always look at the interest rates of loans without paychecks when they are higher than the rate of wear established by Bankitalia. When applying for funding without a paycheck you must always check on the official website.

Personal loans without paychecks: who to contact?

For loans without paychecks, you must contact the banks and financial institutions that can show us a wide range of products that vary depending on the alternative guarantees, the category of membership of the applicant. Personal loans without paychecks are risky for banks if the applicant does not have a good credit rating. In fact, this is an unloved option that requires much stricter criteria for the granting of funding. In the past the granting of credit to those who did not have the right requisites caused inconveniences and consequences in the economic field.

Loans without paychecks: tips

Loans without paychecks: tips

Those looking for a loan without a paycheck are almost certainly facing a difficult period. In these cases, however, the need for credit can make us fall into error. It is important to be careful to avoid scams.

Loans are posted on the internet without paychecks and without guarantees. Important figures are also promised often. In some cases, however, these are real scams aimed only at stealing personal data. It is therefore the case to visit the official websites of the banks or to go to the nearest office closely.

Loans for companies without guarantee, learn more!

For you who are seeing your own business finally meshing and would like to give that extra push for him to take off once and for all, making an unsecured loan can be a great option! Do not worry, because we will explain here everything you need to know before placing an order. Well, then let’s go!

Good planning is halfway through

Good planning is halfway through

First of all, plan your business. Ideally, this task should be performed by an accountant, who can identify both the history, the next steps and the company’s launches with greater ease. However, if you are still starting and the money is short, no problem! Open an excel and put ALL the entrances and exits of your business there. This way, you will be able to better visualize the banking movement during the months.

Then calculate the exact amount that you need to ask the bank or financier to invest in your business. This is very important so that the amount is well applied and the debt can be paid by the company in a well-planned way and as fast as possible!

An organization is the other half

In addition, it is necessary that you, as owner or owner, leave all company documents and accounting updated as well as taxes paid on time. This, so you can prove to the financial institutions to whom asked the credit that is able to pay the installments without delay and pay off the debt made. Keep in mind that when applying for a loan to banks and financial institutions, they will look at your company’s financial transactions to see if they are not at risk of defaulting. So, with the right documentation, the credit application is approved more easily and quickly!

Loan for companies: with or without real guarantees?

It is also important to understand that there are two types of loans for companies: with and without collateral. In the first case, just like loans to individuals , a property, which can be a property or a vehicle, is given as a guarantee of payment to the financial institution, which gives greater reliability to the client. For this reason, in this type of credit line, interest rates are lower and the number of possible installments is higher. The second case, real unsecured loan, however, is ideal for small businesses and beginners, since no good needs to be alienated to the bank or financial, which facilitates the loan application, even if the rates are higher . After all, having a high value asset is an unlikely situation for someone just getting started, is not it? So, with the loan without real collateral, there are no impediments to expanding your business !

Pay attention to interest and fees charged

Pay attention to interest and fees charged

Anyway, after doing all this preparation beforehand, the next step is to find a safe place with affordable interest rates to make the loan . Did you know that, nowadays, it is possible to do the whole process over the internet? It is very simple, because with our partners, for example, you can order online and quote with several banks and financiers at one time, among the options is BizCapital for lending to companies, since grants loans only to individuals.

Caution is never too much

But do not be desperate, because through our partner, you get on the business loan with a value of up to 150 thousand reais, without the need to present real guarantees. What can really help your business. But remember before signing the contract you ALWAYS need to research the company on the internet, on social networks, check the physical address and the website, call the number provided to confirm the existence of the establishment, as well as read the Google reviews and complaint sites, for example. And NEVER make deposits before you have the loan amount deposited into your account! This practice is illegal in Brazil, so stay tuned.


Online Loan: Safety Tips for a Good Experience!

A great alternative for business owners who need money quickly, online loans are gaining visibility because they are secure and far more advantageous than the traditional ones, made directly at the bank branches. Attracting more and more entrepreneurs, here are safety tips to improve your experience.

Whether it is to pay off small debts , whether to use as an investment or working capital, and to boost the business, either to renew inventories or to meet an urgent need to increase revenue . The reasons can be as diverse as possible and often in a hurry to get something quick and easy, you may end up not paying attention and falling into traps.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and are interested in joining an online loan , check out the tips we will give you in this post and learn how to prevent against fraud on the internet.

4 Tips To Have A Secure Experience Involving Online Loans


The easier it is to access the loan, the greater the chances of being a scam. Some of them even use name and logo of reputed and renowned credit institutions in the market.

To help you avoid cases like the one we mentioned in the previous topic, we have separated 4 very important tips. See below:

Do not disclose your phone number in social comment posts

By disclosing the phone number or other personal data in comments of posts your information is exposed to anyone who passes by. Many fraudsters use this to find people who have demonstrated an interest in an online loan and come in contact to offer a supposedly very attractive offer.

Do not believe in incredible promises

Online loans are actually more agile and facilitative than the conventional ones, but be careful not to believe in unrealistic promises. For example, many scammers do not even bother to request a credit analysis before approving your application. Again: this does not exist!

What keeps the company that will provide you with a loan is precisely the amount of installments that you will pay. Thus, it is common and natural to request documents that prove your credit history and your monthly income.

Do not make any type of payment or deposit in advance

Do not make any type of payment or deposit in advance

As we’ve talked about here, applications for advance payments for the purpose of releasing the loan money are a bore. Serious companies never make that request. You only start paying after you have the amount received and any fee or insurance will already be included in the amount of these installments.

Consult the evaluations of the company 

Consult the evaluations of the company on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a very reliable site which, by subdividing into categories, publishes reviews and evaluations of online business consumers. There you have access to the notes and experiences that each user had when counting on the services of that institution. It is a great tool to get the name of the company you found on the internet and assess whether it is really safe or not.

What is the most common complaint?


The biggest insecurities that can be related to a loan involves the advance payment of a fee for the release of the supposed loan, which, in fact, does not exist .

It works like this: you find on the internet a website offering great conditions and requests the loan. The person says that you are approved, but in order to have access to the money you need to make a small deposit – it may receive some names to appear reliable, such as credit opening fee, security deposit, notary’s fee, among others.

But the reality is that it does not exist ! Serious and trustful loans will never, under any circumstances, ask for the payment of any amount advanced. All fees and insurance are already included in the cost of the installments that you will pay after receiving the amount you requested.

Stay tuned! If you come across something like this, do not end the deal and report the fraudster.

Look for information only on the company’s official website


As you have seen, redoubled focus is essential when opting for an online loan . Make sure that the company is serious and that you are not on a fraudulent website.

Reliable and unsecured loans exist and are becoming more and more common. In the vast majority of cases, honest correspondent sites authorized by the Central Bank have some characteristics that allow you to detect that it is not a blow. See what they are:

  • In the site address bar, you can find the design of a padlock. It ensures that all information shared by it is transmitted securely;
  • In the footer of the site you can find the name of the bank to which the fintech is correspondent bank;
  • Deposits and prepayments must NEVER be requested.

Because they are more agile and far less bureaucratic, online loans are a good choice for micro and small entrepreneurs who need quick cash. Follow the guidelines we have passed in this text and we guarantee that you will have a great experience with them.